Hyattsville Veteran's Memorial - Hyattsville, MD, Expected 2020

In late 2016 I was asked by the Hyattsville CDC to help envision a memorial honoring veterans of all branches of service from Hyattsville. Over the course of the next year we refined the design with the input of local citizens through a series of community design meetings. The final design features a 12 ft high steel arch from which oversize dogtags hang, bearing the names of Hyattsville veterans. There is seating for contemplation along the perimeter of a stacked stone wall, and inlaid into the wall is vibrant purple stripe, symbolizing sacrifice and hope. Within the purple stripe, artifacts and documents can be displayed, creating an adjustable programming space that will be run by local veteran's organizations. The design is currently under engineering review, and will be built in two phases, with an estimated completion date of 2020.