Monoprints and paintings on paper, cut up and reconfigured on canvas

This series began in early 2015 as a way to deal with the numerous paintings, prints and drawings on paper I was creating. Not satisfied with the work as finished pieces, I began to cut them up, using a die-punch. I realized that by destroying these works, that something new and far more interesting was being created. I liked how cutting into the paintings highlighted little moments that one wouldn’t normally notice when looking at the whole piece.  The shape, either a square or a circle, dubbed parcels and portals respectively, became a frame for numerous mini art pieces.  I began to put these pieces back together and each became their own idiosyncratic puzzle. I tried to let the shapes and colors guide the layout while at the same time pushing to make the compositions more and more complex. In creating these works I was inspired by numerous sources: from stars and planets, geology and topography to textile design and fashion.